Our Programs

All that we can offer you!

We pride ourselves on our hospitality and our flexibility. Our priority is ensuring that your group gets as much as they can during your stay with us.

Below are some examples of the types of the programs we have on offer - but we are always up for something new!


If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Manager on 03 5987 2692, or complete an online form on our contact page

Don Bosco Camp and Centre is the perfect location for both primary and secondary school camps!


We can easily accommodate all the needs of your school camp, whether it be rooms for group discussion, fast paced activities, things to do during free time or places to just chill out between sessions.


With a variety of on and off-site activities and in-house qualified leaders , Don Bosco Camp and Centre can provide full and half-programmed camps tailored to your aims and goals. Alternatively, if you already have an established program, Don Bosco Camp and Centre is happy to provide the required facilities and catering to fulfil your needs.


There are plenty of rooms equipped for activities, presentations and performances, as well as additional break out rooms with plenty of games and chairs available. The camp also offers many wide-open areas that can host a variety of safe, unsupervised activities and a central outdoor deck overlooking the camp site.


Finally, and most importantly, our camp cook provides delicious, homemade meals ensuring no camper will ever go hungry!

With multiple separate breakout rooms, Don Bosco Camp & Centre is the ideal location for a music camp. Groups have the flexibility to split off and rehearse in small groups or come together as a whole group.

Spaces are removed from one another and rooms are equipped with sound dampening measures, which means multiple rehearsals can take place without distracting each other.

In addition to the rehearsal spaces, Don Bosco Camp & Centre has capacity for other games and activities for campers to enjoy during free time.

All of this is topped off with delicious, nutritious meals, making Don Bosco Camp & Centre the perfect location for your next music camp!

Don Bosco Camp & Centre is isolated from its neighbours by a wide ring of trees and bushland, giving it the feel of a “getaway” environment. The studio spaces are ideal for small group discussions or workshops and there is a chapel for quiet reflection and meditation.

Only 200 metres away is the beautiful Safety Beach, which is an exceptional location for reflection, meditation or simply a swim, play and relaxation. The Don Bosco Camp & Centre also offers many wide-open areas, a gym and a games hall allowing campers to stretch their legs, freshen their minds and unwind in between sessions.

All of this is topped off with delicious, nutritious meals, making Don Bosco Camp & Centre the ideal location for your next retreat.

Whether it is a youth group, parish getaway, family holiday, or anything else, Don Bosco Camp & Centre can cater to your group’s needs! Don Bosco Camp & Centre has a variety of different rooms that can easily accommodate large or small numbers of people under the same roof, the perfect setting for creating a community environment.

There are multiple rooms equipped for presentations, meetings and performances, as well as space for other games and activities.

 The camp provides both catered and self-catered camp options, with a modern commercial kitchen and a dining room that seats up to 150 people. For smaller groups (20 or below) we also have a self-catered Beach House that has all the facilities you need under one roof.

With two grassy fields, the Gym and the pristine Safety Beach only 200 metres away, the Don Bosco Camp & Centre is the perfect location for your sporting camp. The campsite provides many options for sports and training outside, as well as an indoor Gym with netball and basketball rings. In addition, whether you wish to venture bush or beach, there are many local tracks and hikes all within 5 minutes of the camp site.

Along with the many wide-open spaces, the multiple studio rooms are ideal for team discussions and presentations. All studio spaces have the capacity for presentations, stocked with equipment such as projectors, sound systems and white boards.

Finally, and most importantly, upon request our camp cook can put together a delicious, nutrient-rich menu, tailored specifically to the needs of your group.